IAB Europe webinar recording: Attitudes to Digital Video Advertising

Digital video advertising investment on mobile has overtaken desktop according to both advertisers and agencies in the second annual IAB Europe Attitudes to Digital Video Advertising research. Investment in digital video has increased across all devices but mobile and connected TV standout as the key drivers.

IAB Europe hosted a webinar to dive deeper into the findings of the report including the current digital video adoption, drivers, challenges and strategies of both buy and sell-side stakeholders.

Watch the webinar recording to find out more about:
  • Current adoption of digital video advertising
  • Objectives and measurement
  • Supply of digital video inventory
  • Future of digital video advertising


Ben Geach (presenter)
Director Global Product Strategy
Caroline Hugonenc
VP Research
Paul Astbury
Head of Specialist Sales
Integral Ad Science
Melissa Roberts
Head of Video Market Development EMEA

We are also surveying the industry about the current drivers and concerns that are impacting programmatic investment – take part here.

Watch the recording and download the presentation below:

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