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10 October 2017

Press release: IAB Turkey releases 2017 half year digital ad revenue


According to IAB Turkey AdEx-TR 2017 Half Year Report digital ad revenues reached 1,063 billion TL with a 14.6% growth.

IAB AdEx-TR Half Year report reveals that display ad revenues reached 618 million TL by growing 13%. Advertising based on Display/Click gets the biggest share under Display category with 460 million TL. On the other hand, Video ad revenues reached to 122.7million TL with a high growth rate of 33.7% and Native to 35 million TL.

Search Advertising revenues which consists of Keyword Based Advertising completed 2017 first half with 387 million TL, where Classified & Directories rose to 49,8 million TL. E-mail marketing ad revenues which had declined last year due to effect of the Law on Regulation of Electronic Commerce started to increase again and completed the half year with 2.9 million TL. On the other hand, In-game advertising reached 5.8 million TL.

454.6 million TL out of 1,063 billion TL occurred on mobile platforms. 64% of the social media ads (160.7 million TL in total) took place on mobile platforms. Programmatic ad investments hit 625.3 million TL and continued to increase in 2017 first half.

Dr. Mahmut Kurşun, IAB Turkey’s Chairman said, “We made a relatively slow beginning to 2017, due to referendum on April. However, it is good that we completed half year with an increase of almost 15%. According to e-marketer, global digital advertising revenues will have a share of 50% in 2021. Digital surpasses TV for the last two years in Europe. Considering the progress in Turkey; we can predict that digital will take the first place in terms of ad revenues in 2022. To make this prediction real, we have to solve the global problems with all of the industrial stakeholders and generate solutions. Today, the media and marketing departments’ main focus is digital transformation. As IAB Turkey we are aware of that fact and believe that every trade body within the industry should work to make the conversion easier.”


  2016 first half-      million TL 2017 first half million TL Change    %
Total Digital Advertising Investments* 927.62 1063.13 14.61
Display Advertising Investments 545.98 617.54 13.11
Advertising based on Display/Click 427.70 459.78 7.50
Video 91.78 122.70 33.69
Native 26.51 35.07 32.29
Search Advertising Investments 329.60 386.99 17.41
Keyword based advertising 329.60 386.99 17.41
Classified & Directories 44.46 49.81 12.02
Others 7.58 8.79 15.93
E-mail marketing 2.75 2.99 8.80
In-game advertising 4.83 5.80 20.00
* Creative executions. CRM works and SEO investments are excluded.
Social media** 126.65 160.74 26.91
Mobile** 285.30 454.59 59.34
Programmatic** 164.30 625.29 280.58
** Social media. mobile and programmatic are included under Format based Digital Ad Investments and should not be added to total value.

1$ = 3.64 TL (Central Bank of Republic of Turkey 2017 First Half Daily Avg. Effective Exchange Rates)

About IAB Turkey

IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) is active in 45 countries and conducts its operations in order to develop interactive advertising and grow its share among overall marketing investments. In accordance with this purpose IAB continuously demonstrates advertisers. agencies and media agencies the added-value of interactive communication. IAB is based in USA and country-based organization in Europe is coordinated by IAB Europe. IAB Turkey first established as a platform in 2007 by 23 industry representatives in order to set the standards in advertising and marketing fields of digital industry. In July 2011. IAB Turkey has become an association and currently it has 170 members. For detailed information:

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