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04 June 2019

MIXX Awards Europe Winners 2019 - Pharmaton TV Sponsorship Enhanced Interaction with Second Screen (Mindshare)


Pharmaton TV Sponsorship Enhanced Interaction with Second Screen

Awards: Campaign Effectiveness (Bronze)

Campaign summary
Pharmaton significantly uplifted its brand metrics in 2018, thanks to a strategic sponsorship and second screen integration on Survivor and TV8 Second Screen app.

1. Objectives and Strategy
Pharmaton is a Multivitamin brand which commits both physical and mental performance and energy. Pharmaton’s main competitor is a brand with a heritage over 40 years. Even though Pharmaton has high top of mind awareness scores, trial scores were still relatively below targeted KPIs. Thus our objective was to increase trial scores, via highlighting Pharmaton's energy and performance benefits in occasions where being energetic and demonstrating high performance is the key for success. Since TV is the highest reach medium, we focused on partnering with an on-strategy TV show. Our definition of on strategy also included the viewers high involvement and active engagement with the content via second screen for mental performance to viewers. Another important fact in Turkey is that second screening while watching TV is over 70% and in order to create a strong behavioural change, generating trial, we needed the entire attention of the viewer.

2. Execution and Media
The most fitting partner that fit our strategy was TV8 and Survivor. Pharmaton became the "performance sponsor" of Survivor, supplemented contestants in order to increase their performance and rewarded the highest performers. Simultaneously, we have integrated a mini contest to TV8's mobile application called the "Second Screen", which has approximately 4 million active users and viewers consume additional content like behind the scene shootings, comment and vote about contestants etc. The contest challenged viewers with challenging questions regarding TV Show's content, contestants and important facts about physical performance. This way, we were able to inform the viewers further about the product benefits, while actively interacting with them and keeping their attention at max on both screens.
TV sponsorship lasted 4 months. On Second Screen app, we have run 6 contests in 2 weeks. The timeline of the second screen integration was towards the finale, where interactions get significantly higher.

3. Creative
Creatives across all channels focused on maximizing the benefit of Survivor sponsorship, like further engaging with consumers via using flagship statements of the contest in our social media announcements etc. Also we have revisited our airing plans to maximize the efficiency of this media partnership, via re-distributing spot plans in days where the show wasn't on air.

4. Innovation
We haven't used a "never been done before" technology in this campaign. What we did was to partner with an app that already has 4 mio active users and that enabled us to interact with users at zero platform development cost. The answers we have gathered from the second screen contest also gave us valuable insights about the known and unknown benefits of the product and people's definition of "performance" and what they expect from a performance enhancing multivitamin.

5. Results
We have reached 50% of our target audience (20+ ABC1). We have interacted with +200k unique users with the Second Screen contest. According to TV8 data, Pharmaton's interaction rate was X2 higher vs average interaction rate of second screen integrations.
Pharmaton's annual media investment declined sharply by 30% in 2018 vs 2017. Survivor sponsorship, second screen integration and digital usages announcing the integration was first used in 2018.
Brand metrics are regularly tracked by Ipsos and after the campaign, purchase intent increased by 11%, trial increased by 13% and regular (12months ongoing) users increased by 22%. This has been the most successful period for Pharmaton in Turkey.
Ipsos research also shows, 39% of the people recall Pharmaton as Survivor’s sponsor. This is significant because the show has 6-7 different sponsors in a show. Thanks to high contextual relevancy of Pharmaton's sponsorship, we were the most benefited brand from the sponsorship.

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