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08 March 2018

Mindshare Turkey for Unilever: multi-brand programmatic out-of-home

While FMCG advertisers have broad audiences, there are certain real-life conditions that resonate heavily with certain brands. To add, the huge array of data on consumer behaviour in a real-time context, and programmatic activation technology, has brought about a new age of possibilities in digital out-of-home.


Using European DSP Platform 161 and the programmatic digital out-of-home exchange Awarion, Mindshare Turkey was able to make these moments count, running real-time campaigns for a number of their brands, using three different networks for each brand when the conditions were perfect - whether that be data on audience, the time of day or weather conditions. Data-driven HTML5 creatives were used to make it all count and grab the attention of passers by in a split second. One creative became many across the DOOH networks in this groundbreaking, highly efficient campaign that resulted in Unilever adopting a completely new approach to this medium.


Watch the case study here.

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