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03 March 2016

Member News: Adform Launches Programmatic TV, and adds Television to its Cross-Device offering

Adform, the independent and open full stack ad tech platform has launched Europe’s first programmatic TV solution, and now offers clients programmatic TV campaigns through its DSP.

Adform’s latest endeavor enables clients to programmatically run ads across TV screens, where users can access microsites via the ads by pressing the red button on their remote controls. The programmatic TV campaigns support impression capping, granular targeting and storytelling features, as well as featuring all crucial metrics such as clicks, engagement, unique impressions, video play time and visibility time, along with campaign geography and a host of technical reporting capabilities.

First introduced in the Czech market, new HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) inventory was made available in Adform’s PMP by Adform partners R2B2, who facilitated the technical integration with Óčko, a Czech music television channel. Sazka, a Czech lottery company, ran the first campaign using this setup via their agency AdExpres. The campaign ensured that every time a targeted user switched channel to watch Óčko, a 750x100 Sazka banner would be visible for 10 seconds on the bottom of their television screen.  

Martin Stockfleth Larsen, CMO at Adform said of the campaign:

“As the first provider to offer true Programmatic TV, Adform is once again setting the standards in the industry, bringing programmatic to the next level. That we can serve programmatically across TV already puts us at the top of the pile of Ad Tech vendors, but the fact that we are going to take it a step further and integrate it into our Cross-Device proposition makes this not just an industry first, but a groundbreaking moment where programmatic and TV are finally integrated.”

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