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10 July 2020

Member Guest Blog Post: Adform, Sanoma and partners test Programmatic Buying based on First-Party Data

Adform, Dagmar, IPG Media Brands and Sanoma have developed a Proof of Concept and are testing programmatic buying purely on the basis of first-party data.

Jaakko Kuivalainen, Director, B2B Digital Business, Sanoma (responsible for Sanoma's media sales digital business and product development):
“This is a great example of how domestic players, along with international technology companies, can influence and be at the forefront of development in the digital marketing revolution associated with the looming depletion of third-party cookies.

The goal of the collaboration is to prepare for the future cookie change, but also to improve the functionality of advertising buying in the near future for Safari and Firefox browsers. The development is focused on targeting with first-party data as well as reporting and measurement activities.

We will share more information about the wider availability of this so-called Proof of Concept in the near future as the project progresses. The technical implementation is complete and the next step is testing with the campaigns of selected customers of Dagmar and IPG Mediabrands“

Antti Kallio, Chief Business Officer, Dagmar:
"Dagmar wants to make sure that we will have the ability to buy high-quality advertising in an effective and targeted manner and first-party cookies will be an important part of effective marketing.

We hope that we will be able to find ways to get first-party identifiers into the buying ecosystem. We see that the common IDs and first-party cookies will meet third-party cookies in the gap left by targeting techniques ".

Christopher Fernandez, Managing Director, Nordics, Matterkind (IPG Media Brands):
“The way we work is to try new innovations and gain experience from something new by participating, either in Proof of Concepts or doing our own piloting. At present, there is uncertainty about audience targeting and it is important to find new ways to implement it.

While there is uncertainty in the short term, we see a lot of potential in new solutions. In the longer term, I’m not worried. Changes to cookies will eventually improve measurement, for example, and allocations will be renewed as part of the changes. ”

Jakob Bak, CTO, Adform
"The change to first-party cookies is essential, as it allows for programmatic targeting e.g. Safari traffic that has been lacking for some time. In addition, this change emphasizes the importance of local publishers and will help to direct advertising money into their properties.”

"This test provides much-needed guidelines for what the future will look like when third-party cookies change to first-party. We are looking forward to the test results which we have just started collecting from the first campaigns. We expect to share our first conclusions at the end of the summer.”

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