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16 April 2018

Interact 2018: Andrea Chiapponi, Chief Commercial Officer Large Account, Italiaonline tells IAB Europe what it feels like to lead the first Italian internet company

Held in Milan on 23-24 May, IAB Europe’s Annual 2-day conference Interact 2018 will feature contributions from all stakeholders with a say in the future of the digital ecosystem, from advertisers to publishers, to ad tech businesses, politicians and regulators. Together they’ll examine the forces disrupting digital, how businesses can adapt to thrive, and how we can reinvent the digital ecosystem to provide a firm foundation for business growth in the future.

Ahead of his keynote speech at Interact 2018, we had a nice chat with Andrea Chiapponi, Chief Commercial Officer Large Account from Italiaonline.

IAB Europe: You have an impressive history with experience at Google and with startups – how has this helped you, as the new CCO Large Account of Italiaonline, the first Italian internet company?
Andrea Chiapponi: It helped me get the role of CCO of Italy’s first internet company, for a start. Digital is my cup of tea and being able to work for companies such as Google or Italiaonline has put me in a very privileged viewpoint of a continuously evolving industry, challenging like no other.

IAB Europe: Italiaonline has an impressive 54% market share of Italian consumers, and owns Libero, the national email account. As you are now one year into your role, what is the future for the business and the Italian media industry?
Andrea Chiapponi: We are very proud of our market share and we are always working to improve it. How do we do that: providing our Users and Customers quality contents and brand safety. Italy is catching up on the international internet scenario and we expect a further boost in the next months.

IAB Europe: Given your McKinsey experience do you take inspiration from marketing strategies in traditional advertising media sectors? If so, which ones?
Andrea Chiapponi:  McKinsey is a great place to work and I do take inspiration in what I do from all the companies that I have worked for previously. The traditional advertising market is very different from the digital one: different KPIs, measurement is a key differentiator, the ads are displayed on very different media, the way we can target the audience is immensely different. I think digital marketing allows you to see and reach your target in such a precise way (and in so many different ways) making this business very challenging. It transformed working with data from boring to creative.

IAB Europe: Which brands (or business leaders) worldwide do you admire?
Andrea Chiapponi: Rather than specific people, I do admire the services (and thus their businesses) that some of the most known international brands provide such as Amazon, WeChat or Spotify. They all changed the way we did things.

IAB Europe: What keeps you awake at night?
Andrea Chiapponi: My kids, diving into our bed in the middle of the night. I think I will miss that when they’ll be in college, but I don’t quite enjoy it now.

IAB Europe: What is your prediction for the next big thing for the digital advertising industry?
Andrea Chiapponi: It’s a secret I can’t reveal and that will make me the richest man in the world. Just joking. I think the social media scenario will go through sharp turns and deep changes that will affect the whole digital market. New media are also coming into play and may turn our paradigms around. We will all need to be able to change as quickly in order to keep up with the future.

Join us at INTERACT 2018 on 23-24 May in Milan! 

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