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12 September 2016

IAB Netherlands report: Header Bidding

"Header Bidding is one of the most discussed topics in the programmatic industry. Now it is being implemented and tested by leading publishers in the Dutch market. For IAB Netherlands this is a perfect moment to have a chat with industry specialists and understand their point of view about Header Bidding. There are many questions and assumptions around and with this white paper IAB Netherlands is hoping to provide more information, knowledge and understanding of the subject. I’m really curious to see how Header Bidding develops in the coming months. What does this really means for advertisers? What does it means for publishers? Are agencies and advertisers going to implement their tags directly on the publishers websites?"

Jeremy Noya, Manager Digital Trading, Voetbal International, and project owner: Header Bidding for the Programmatic Task Force, IAB Netherlands

Download the case study below.

iconDownload - 1.45 MB

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