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27 August 2018

IAB Europe White Paper: Header Bidding and Auction Dynamics

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The way in which ads are traded via programmatic methods has evolved and now there are various mechanisms available such as open auction, guaranteed and private marketplaces. One of the key evolutions in the programmatic trading industry has been header bidding which has impacted the way in which inventory is bought and sold and the auction dynamics.

This new IAB Europe white paper explores the basics of what header bidding is and how it works; recent header bidding developments; the challenges and opportunities for buy-side and sell-side stakeholders. It also provides guidance on the key considerations and impacts for buy-side and sell-side stakeholders implementing header bidding strategies.

IAB Europe would like to thank the white paper leader that helped to edit and compile the final draft:

Kay Schneider, General Manager Demand,  Europe, SpotX (RTL Group)

And the white paper contributors that provided content for this white paper:
Jonas Dobravolskas, Product Director, Adform
James Prudhomme, Head of International, Index Exchange
Lisa Kalyuzhny, Director Advertising Solutions, PubMatic

Roger Williams, VP International Marketing, PubMatic

Jacob Carlbaum, Product Owner, Schibsted Media Group

Download the white paper below

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