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27 November 2020

IAB Europe Virtual Programmatic Day H2 2020 - The European Programmatic Advertising Landscape Wrap-Up

IAB Europe’s second Virtual Programmatic Day of 2020 took place on the 19th of November and what an insightful day it was. Featuring speakers from IAB Europe member companies and advertisers including BBC Global News, Xandr, Xaxis, MoPub, and more, the event was split into panel sessions to address and debate the hottest industry topics. From the programmatic landscape to the post third-party cookie, no programmatic stone was left unturned. 

The European Programmatic Advertising Landscape
The first panel of the event addressed the opportunities, barriers, and trends within Programmatic Advertising in Europe. It explored the driving factors that are increasing programmatic spending, supply chain transparency, and what the future growth areas of programmatic are expected to be. 

David Goddard, Senior Director of Business Development, DoubleVerify moderated the panel and was joined by:

  • Edward Wale, Managing Director, EMEA, SpotX
  • Emily Roberts, Programmatic Trading Manager, EMEA, BBC Global News
  • Danny Clayman, VP Northern Europe, Xandr
  • Nicola Bevan, Managing Director of Operations, EMEA, Xaxis 
  • Vincent Tessier, Brand & Agency Lead EMEA, MoPub 

Event recording
Watch the session recording here

Audience Poll
We ran an audience poll during the session to ask our audience what the biggest growth area in programmatic will be in 2021. A staggering 61% thought CTV would see the largest growth, followed by Audio at 23% and Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) at 16%. 

Key Takeaways

  • Advertisers are now investing more than 41% of their display inventory via programmatic methods. Some of the main factors driving this increase are greater trust in programmatic, its quick optimisation capabilities, the fact it offers control and flexibility, and that in the pandemic, where advertisers have been more cautious with their budget, it has offered an opportunity to test, and prove ROI.
  • The depletion of the Third-Party Cookie presents new challenges in programmatic, meaning first-party data will become central to advertisers’ data strategies in Europe. 
  • We will continue to see new channels growing in programmatic, including Digital Audio, Connected-TV, Mobile Video, and Out of Home. Technology will also continue to get better to facilitate these advances. 
  • In-House programmatic has taken a major u-turn from 2019-2020. Brands have realised the challenges and complexities of programmatic and the need for expertise. The value of agency talent has been brought to the fore in light of this. 
  • In order to overcome barriers in programmatic and increase trust and transparency, there needs to be consistency in the industry and for everyone in the value chain to be working to the same standards. 


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