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08 March 2024

IAB Europe Unveils Latest Supply Chain Transparency Guide with a Focus on Sustainability

In a move that underscores the digital advertising industry's commitment to transparency and sustainability, IAB Europe's Programmatic Trading Committee has released the latest edition of the Supply Chain Transparency Guide. Developed by industry experts, this guide aims to foster accountability and understanding across the digital advertising supply chain, focusing on crucial aspects such as data, cost, and inventory sources. 

Why Transparency Matters in Digital Advertising

Transparency is the bedrock of a healthy and efficient digital advertising ecosystem. It empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions, build trust, and ultimately contributes to the growth of a responsible industry. The latest edition of this comprehensive guide provides stakeholders with critical questions to be posed at various stages of the supply chain, facilitating a deeper understanding and fostering accountability among participants. The guide also has an accompanying prezi style animation feature. This allows each stakeholder group to select whom they are talking to and what they will be discussing. It then provides the reader with a set of questions to ask to increase transparency and understanding. 

The 2024 Edition: Sustainability Takes Center Stage

The 2024 edition of the guide marks a significant milestone with the inclusion of questions addressing sustainability – a testament to the industry's recognition of its environmental impact. As the digital advertising landscape evolves, understanding and mitigating the environmental consequences of programmatic advertising become imperative. The new sustainability-focused questions underline the guide's commitment to promoting environmentally responsible and socially conscious practices.

Sustainability Implications:

The questions in the guide carry direct implications for sustainability considerations. For instance, the inquiry into header bidding mechanisms acknowledges the energy consumption associated with this approach, prompting stakeholders to weigh the environmental impact against its benefits. Similarly, questions related to inventory source and bid request deduplication delve into practices that directly influence energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The guide prompts stakeholders to evaluate their choices in terms of energy consumption, reselling practices, and bid optimisation strategies. It encourages a holistic approach to sustainability, urging participants to consider the entire lifecycle of digital advertising, from data sourcing to ad delivery, and assess the associated environmental implications.

IAB Europe's Supply Chain Transparency Guide, crafted by the dedicated members of the Programmatic Trading Committee, sets the stage for a more accountable, transparent, and sustainable digital advertising future. Please see below for key sections. The full guide and accompanying prezi animated report can be accessed here

The Supply Chain Transparency Guide and its sustainability-focused questions provide a framework for stakeholders to evaluate and improve their practices. As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, ongoing collaboration and commitment to responsible practices will be key in shaping a sustainable future.

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