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23 October 2023

IAB Europe report: Attitudes to Digital Video Advertising

Buy-side and sell-side digital video advertising strategies mature as measurement evolves towards branding KPIs and away from the click, the first IAB Europe Attitudes to Digital Video Advertising survey reveals.

Based on a survey of more than 650 advertisers, agencies and publishers from across 31 markets, the study provides clarity on the status of adoption and buy-side and sell-side perspectives on the development of digital video and trading methods.

The research shows that nearly all stakeholders are now deploying some form of digital video advertising strategy, with over 90% of advertisers, media agencies and publishers claiming that they are using the channel.

Key findings of the report:

  • Digital video is recognised as an essential brand building format as stakeholders move towards measuring brand KPIs such as brand awareness and purchase intent and away from the click. Cross-screen planning is widely practised as buyers look to unlock unique audiences across different channels and extend the reach of TV campaigns. The research highlights the importance of unique video content for different channels and devices when planning cross-screen.
  • Investment in mobile video is catching up with investment in desktop digital video advertising as consumer media consumption habits evolve and advertisers aim to reach their audiences at relevant times throughout the day in a mobile always on environment. Whilst in-stream pre-roll formats are dominant in digital video advertising, the adoption of out-stream formats is coming to the fore particularly in more mature digital advertising markets such as the UK, Netherlands and Germany.
  • Digital video demand exceeds supply and whilst the majority of publishers are investing in digital video it still accounts for a small yet valuable proportion of their total digital ad inventory. Publishers state that most of the inventory available is non-skippable which may require consideration in the context of user experience and ad blocking challenges.
  • The future for digital video advertising looks bright as over 90% of buyers (advertisers and media agencies) cite an increase in their investment over the next 12 months. Publishers also look positive about the future and 90% expect to see an increase in their digital video advertising revenues over the next 12 months.

Alvaro Bolivar, Senior Director and Head of International Product, ONE for Publishers, AOL Platforms said: “Sound, sight and motion is the future of advertising. Video is now embedded in 80% of our original content on Huffington Post and one in three visits to the site results in at least one video view, showing that there is an appetite for both content creators and advertisers to engage with audiences through the medium, though the fact that this figure is not 100% represents an opportunity to close the gap between supply and demand in the market. Video on mobile devices is the preferred media format for millennials, and this is reflected in the 21% increase year on year in video views that we have seen on non-desktop devices.”

Oliver Gertz, Managing Director Interaction EMEA and Programmatic Lead Global Clients, MediaCom said: “As video consumption increases across digital channels, so does video advertising. Digital video can drive brand KPIs via inspiring and informing content combined with effective targeting. Integrated screen planning is important to maximise reach across all screens, from TV to mobile video.”

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