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09 August 2017

IAB Europe, EACA and WFA: European Viewability Initiative Overview

There have been industry wide calls to improve the quality of digital ad inventory and develop more robust digital measurement techniques. This is considered a vital step towards delivering more ‘realistic’ brand exposure metrics.
More accurate and consistent viewability measurement will help to establish a more reliable digital ‘opportunity-to see’, supporting the need for enhanced comparability with TV and progress towards digital ‘gross rating points’. The European Viewability Initiative will help to address the following macro, industry goals:

  1. Raise minimum quality standards in digital advertising measurement for all stakeholders across Europe
  2. Enhance the (internet) user experience in the context of changing user expectations
  3. Measure digital ad exposure which is deemed a key step towards increasing confidence in digital ad trading
  4. Improve confidence in the digital ad environment

In addition to the above, the primary technical objective is to help significantly reduce data discrepancies between different ‘viewability’ measurement tools via a set of Viewability Measurement Principles.

Download the overview below.

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