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03 March 2022

IAB Europe Cuts Ties with IAB Russia and IAB Belarus as it Seeks to Isolate Russian Regime in Wake of Invasion of Ukraine

3 March 2022, Brussels, Belgium – IAB Europe today announced a suspension of all cooperation with IAB Russia and IAB Belarus, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine earlier this week and the announcement that Belarus is acting in support of the government of Vladimir Putin.

“We regret taking this step against partner organisations, but the brutality of Russia's unprovoked attack against a sovereign European country gives us no choice but to use every lever at our disposal to increase its isolation,” said IAB Europe CEO Townsend Feehan.  “IAB Europe stands with our innocent Ukrainian colleagues in Kiev and elsewhere, who are continuing to work under shocking circumstances.”

About IAB Europe

IAB Europe is the European-level association for the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem. Through its membership of national IABs and media, technology and marketing companies, its mission is to lead political representation and promote industry collaboration to deliver frameworks, standards, and industry programmes that enable business to thrive in the European market.

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