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16 November 2017

IAB EU Webinar recording: Digital Advertising in European Media Ecosystem & Economy

This webinar provided insights into the results of two of the studies commissioned by IAB Europe to explore data-driven advertising’s contribution to the European Union (EU), entitled “The Economic Contribution of Digital Advertising in Europe” and “The Economic Value of Behavioural Targeting in Digital Advertising”. 

The analyses carried out by the research company IHS Market validate the economic contribution that digital advertising as a whole makes to the EU, as well as define the role of data in digital advertising and how data is fundamentally transforming the mechanisms and procedures that underpin the digital advertising.

The studies were unveiled in the context of the proposed ePrivacy Regulation, which in its current form would restrict data-driven advertising and have serious and unintended consequences for the EU economy, and for Europe’s independent media relaying in particular on data-driven advertising as a primary revenue source. The research shows that data-driven advertising makes up over 81% of European news publishers revenue, and 62% of mobile app revenues. Moreover, behaviorally targeted advertising, a form of data-driven advertising, is on average five times more valuable than advertisements that do not draw on such data. This data use further drives virtually all growth in the market where broad economic contribution of digital advertising amounts to €526 billion for the EU28. 

The webinar was presented by Daniel Knapp, PhD, Senior Director, Media & Advertising at IHS Markit. 

Missed the webinar? Watch here.

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