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10 October 2017

IAB Denmark event: Programmatic Advertising & Marketing Automation 2017 - 28.11.2017 - Copenhagen

Featuring inspiring presentations, case studies, research, and more, IAB Denmarks “Programmatic Advertising and Marketing Automation 2017 – is designed for marketing leaders, from brand managers to CMOs, as well as publishers and agencies to learn about the most prominent trends in digital advertising.

Programmatic will continue to refine buying and selling processes and shift attention to higher-value marketing and advertising functions. Automated platforms and services can continue to drive industry growth through increasingly relevant and effective advertising, flexible publisher monetization opportunities, and enhanced consumer experiences.

Gradually “programmatic advertising” is becoming the explanation for a diverse range of platforms, tools, and processes in digital advertising. Now that automation via software and data has become the de facto means of executing digital and disruptive to most industries – understanding and evolving the roles and utility of each component involved in automation is critical to ensuring an effective marketplace.

Programmatic buying and selling of advertising, real-time bidding (RTB), automation, and the buying and selling of digital media are changing rapidly. Approximately 20% of all digital advertising is sold by one machine talking to another machine—and growing rapidly.

To help ensure that programmatic creates value for the entire marketplace and continues to drive advertising we have created an agenda focused on clarity and education in the Scandinavian market.

More info and registration here.

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