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16 April 2024

Guest Member Blog Post with Advertima: Navigating the Future of In-Store Retail Media: The Case for Audience-Based Programmatic Activation

In this week’s guest member blog post, we caught up with  Iman Nahvi,  Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer at Advertima as he navigates the future of in-store Retail Media. To find out more read below.

The digital age has catalysed a transformative shift in Retail Media, primarily unfolding online and driven by real-time data analytics, audience targeting, and performance measurement, driving a monumental shift in advertising dollars toward retailers. 

However, most shopping still occurs in-store, where the innovations of online Retail Media have not fully penetrated. Implementing digital screens without integrating key success factors such as real-time addressability, audience measurement, and data-driven performance analytics is insufficient. To revolutionise In-store Retail Media, a digital transformation involving advanced solutions is imperative to generate real-time audience data and replicate online success in brick-and-mortar contexts.

Traditionally, trade and shopper marketing funds are managed through direct deals between retailers and suppliers, necessitating precise planning and customisation. Programmatic platforms offer no advantages for these campaigns and lead to an inefficient outcome.  Conversely, brand and media funds managed by media agencies require cross-channel access, making programmatic buying a suitable option. In-store retail media can align offers with audience-based solutions that meet the needs of existing brands to increase retail media revenue.

Programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) is effective for upper-funnel mass media but lacks real-time audience data integration. This gap extends to Digital Signage CMSs, which face latency issues incorporating such real-time data into bidding processes. Bridging this gap requires audience-based programmatic activation, integrating real-time audience data into bid streams to synchronise with ad displays, and enhancing efficiency and relevance.

Advertima uses advanced AI and predictive models to accurately predict audience presence and works with CMS platforms to ensure the integration of predictive insights into programmatic buying. Collaboration among CMS platforms, SSPs, DSPs, and retailers is crucial to embracing real-time audience segmentation and unlocking In-store Retail Media's potential.

Adopting audience-based programmatic activation is essential for achieving precision and effectiveness in-store, akin to online advertising. While challenges persist, embracing this approach promises to redefine the in-store shopping experience by merging retailer data richness with programmatic technology precision.

Read the full blog article here and learn how Advertima Audience AI can bring online capabilities to in-store.

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