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14 February 2019

d3con - 3 April, Hamburg - IAB Europe readers get 10% off

d3con is the world's largest programmatic event with 1500 attendees on April 3rd in Hamburg.

This year's keynote: How Buzzfeed editor Craig Silverman spend 2 years researching the business models behind ad fraud and uncovering the parties involved in it.

This and lots more at d3con on April 3rd in Hamburg. English translation available for German language sessions.

Get your tickets below with 10% discount through the IAB Europe partnership

Remember to also join us at 13.30 CET on the Main Stage for the International Experts’ Panel where leading professionals will discuss the latest trends in programmatic:


Make sure not to miss out on the IAB Europe Workshop: Introduction to Programmatic Advertising on 2 July, 16:46 CET on the Beach stage.

This session will provide an Introduction to Programmatic Advertising based on IAB Europe's eponymous course developed for Publishers, Agencies and Advertisers. We will dive into the basics of programmatic advertising, why it is growing and how it can be used as well as key trends that are defining the industry today.


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