MIXX Awards Greece 2019

The MIXX Awards Greece celebrate and recognise the best digital advertising campaigns in the Greek market. Award winning nominations will be promoted to educate the market on what practices are effective and to inspire through the emergence of new ideas and future trends. The competition has 12 categories in 2019.

I am on the jury for the second year in a row alongside peers from National IABs from across the region including Croatia, France, Romania, Spain and the UK.

I am always excited to review the latest work from the Greek market to see first-hand the creativity that their digital advertising industry offers. This year I have seen an increase in the variety of campaigns and quality of results. Unfortunately that is all I can reveal at this point… The winners and the reasons for their awards, will be announced at the awards ceremony on June 19th at the Cinema Bonboniere in Athens. Stay tuned!

Find out more here: https://iabmixxawards.gr/

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