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27 May 2019

AppNexus for Drop8

Drop8’s client, a travel booking platform, was focused on delivering fully completed video ads at the lowest possible price, while still reaching its target audience on the client site list.

In an effort to deliver video completes for advertisers, Drop8 optimized toward Cost per Completed View (CPCV), but their chosen solution engaged traders in several manual steps on a daily basis, including retrieving and analyzing reports, reviewing data and optimizing each campaign based on those findings. As a result, the team dedicated considerable time and substantial internal resources to reporting true video completion back to clients.

Drop8 turned to AppNexus, whose CPCV-buying capability, Guaranteed Completes, allows buyers on its DSP to simplify video campaign set-up and leverage optimized prediction via machine learning for a more efficient buying process, while guaranteeing 100% video completion, regardless of ad length.

Download the complete case study below.

iconDownload - 121.49 KB

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