Interactive Advertising Bureau
16 March 2016

AppNexus and Bannerconnect

The challenge For Bannerconnect, executing sophisticated segmentation strategies often leads to complexity in one of two ways: buyers either need to juggle multiple micro-targeted campaigns themselves, or they must work with an array ad tech partners in order to achieve their goals.

Bannerconnect sought a more cost-effective way to employ highly sophisticated targeting and bidding techniques in order to achieve its automotive brand client’s direct response campaign objectives. Bannerconnect also wanted to avoid working with a “black box” bidder, which lacks transparency and doesn’t allow clients to exert control over how their data is used, or how bidding decisions are made.

The solution Bannerconnect tested the AppNexus Programmable Bidder (APB) to see if it could extract additional value by deploying customized bid strategies in a leading automotive brand’s campaign.

Get the slides here.

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