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Virtual Programmatic Day Panel: Making Programmatic work for Publishers

Europe’s biggest virtual programmatic event took place on Tuesday 19th November. The Virtual Programmatic Day (VPD) brought together industry experts and thought-leaders from IAB Europe’s member companies.

The publishing ecosystem has had it’s fair share of ups & downs in the last year, whether that be changes in data collection capabilities post GDPR, brand safety, battling fake news and invalid traffic or the sheer complexity of the channels that content is available in now. The panel discussed these challenges and approaches to help tackle them and what the future holds for publishers and how they can monetise their quality content in a programmatic world.

Watch the panel here.


Moderator: Ben Geach, Senior Director, Global Product Strategy, Oracle Data Cloud
Jéricho Lämmler,  Programmatic Development Manager, Goldbach
Elsa Demain-Griffiths, Head of Commercial Innovation, The Telegraph
Emmanuel Ogidan, Commercial Director, UK and Ireland, FreeWheel
Vignesh Narayanan, Senior Director, Media Partnerships, International MediaMath
Szymon Pruszyński, Head of Global Communication, Yieldbird

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