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IAB Europe's Guide to Quality - September 2021

Sep 28,2021
Helen Mussard
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In September 2021, IAB Europe's released its Guide to Quality to help and support all stakeholders in the supply chain on being accountable and responsible for the reputation of digital advertising. 

As summarised in the Guide, there are various components to quality, and the priority of these will vary depending on each stakeholder. The guide looks at what makes a quality campaign from both a brand’s and consumer’s perspective by detailing best practices and practical examples for viewability, brand safety and suitability, ad fraud, campaign creativity and privacy and consent. The guide is a call for action that Quality is something that all stakeholders have to strive for. The guide starts by defining what quality is and details how it can be achieved. 

The guide was written by members of IAB Europe’s Quality & Transparency Taskforce. The Taskforce aims to combat stakeholder quality and transparency concerns and address the challenges that the industry is facing in order to fuel consumer trust and brand investment in the digital advertising and marketing ecosystem. Expert contributors included stakeholders from agencies, National IABs, verification companies and AdTech platforms including DoubleVerify, GroupM, IAB France, IAB Portugal, IAS, Magnite and Oracle Data Cloud. 

Read the press release here.

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