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IAB Europe’s Retail Media Standards Survey 2023 Results

At the end of 2022, IAB Europe created a new Retail Media Working group to bring stakeholders from across the Retail Media ecosystem together to facilitate collaboration, provide education, insights, and create standards. 

Currently, however, there are no standards for Retail Media in existence, so the group set out to explore what should be tackled and prioritised in this area. 

To support this work, we recently conducted a survey to understand what is hindering further investment in this space and what areas are in need of standardisation, whether that be metrics or measurement or creative specifications. 

The survey attracted 110 respondents from across a range of European markets from both buy- and sell-side stakeholder groups.

Key findings include:

  • Retail Media buying and selling is not very efficient: Only 53% of buyers find Retail Media buying efficient, sellers are split on efficiency of selling retail
  • Over two thirds of buyers (70%) think the lack of standards for Retail Media is a barrier to investment
  • When asked about which standards are most important, the majority of buyers (90%) and sellers (84%) cited media and attribution measurement

Download the survey results here

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