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IAB Europe Explains… Opportunities and Challenges of Programmatic Advertising

The following industry experts explain the key opportunities in programmatic advertising for buy and sell-side stakeholders, the challenges that exist from transparency to media quality. 

  • Stefanie Briec, Demand Sales Manager EMEA, FreeWheel
  • Oliver Gertz, Managing Director, Interaction EMEA, MediaCom
  • George Head, Client Partner, Oracle Data Cloud
  • Simon Baker, Head of Programmatic EMEA, Bloomberg Media Group
  • Amir Baghi, Head of UK Account Management, Oracle Data Cloud
  • Oliver Gertz, Managing Director, Interaction EMEA, MediaCom
  • Tom Fryett, Head of Programmatic Development EMEA, Omnicom Media Group
  • Kofi Amoako, Associate VP, Customer Success Operations EMEA, PubMatic
  • Evelyn Pau, Global Brand Senior Account Manager, Oracle Data Cloud
  • Clementina Piazza, Programmatic Director EMEA, Integral Ad Science

Watch the video here. 

Check out IAB Europe’s Supply Chain Transparency Guide which provides questions for each stakeholder category to be asked at different stages of the supply chain.

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