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[Watch on Demand] Privacy Sandbox: Get Ready for Testing

Sep 04,2023
Helen Mussard
Privacy Sandbox


In collaboration with Google, on Tuesday 29th August we hosted a webinar on the Privacy Sandbox. It focused on how companies can get involved in testing and which tools are available.

As the general availability of the Privacy Sandbox APIs has been gradually rolled out over the past few months, this webinar provided a unique opportunity to all companies in the digital industry to learn more about how they can get involved in more effective and scalable testing.

Although the session was not recorded, we wanted to share some useful resources which we hope you find useful.

Presentation decks from the webinar 

Privacy Sandbox Demos 

Other useful resources that were asked during the Q&A session:

To further look into Privacy Sandbox testing we are holding another webinar on Tuesday 12th September with the UK’s Competition & Markets Authority (CMA). This is a must attend session to hear from an independent body on their assessment of industry feedback and the next steps needed, so register for free today


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