Module 2 – The Programmatic Landscape

More than 65% of digital advertising spend is transacted programmatically - using technology, algorithms and data. This has given rise to a complex landscape of specialist functions and technology providers, expanded the supply chain and increased the demand for specialist skills. This module provides a no-nonsense explanation to programmatic advertising, demystifies buzzwords, charts the supply chain and explains the role of different technologies, buying and selling strategies as well as uses of data. The module cuts deep into the underbelly of programmatic advertising and highlights key issues and opportunities that define its future.

    1. Introduction to programmatic: key terms and concepts
    2. Mapping the programmatic ecosystem
    3. Roles of market participants & their differentiation
    4. Buying and selling models
    5. The use of data in programmatic
    6. Deep dive: navigating issues and opportunities
    7. Programmatic everywhere: applications of programmatic in other media channels

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