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IAB Europe Virtual Programmatic Day – event recording

The Virtual Programmatic Day (VPD) brings together industry experts and thought-leaders to explore the latest trends, drivers and barriers impacting programmatic trading in Europe. With over 1,500 attendees it is one of the largest virtual events in the programmatic industry, with global leaders and experts coming together to discuss and debate the hottest topics!

In this event, the speakers explored a range of topics including how the potential depletion of the third-party cookie could affect programmatic advertising, the latest in programmatic supply chain transparency, the impact of supply path optimisation and advertiser lessons learnt from advertisers in-housing programmatic.

Watch the recording here.

Below are the details of the event sessions, timestamps and links to the individual panel recordings:

00:01:00 – Introduction by the event host David Goddard (DoubleVerify)

00:05:00 – Session 1: “The Post-Cookie Era

Moderator: Tanzil Bukhari (DoubleVerify) / Panelists: Daniel Knapp (IAB Europe), Mathieu ROCHE (ID5), Ben Hancock (CNN), Sharon Marshall (Google), Sara Vincent (Index Exchange), Richard Sharp (Oracle Data Cloud)

This session also included two presentations:

00:06:24 – “The Third Party Post-Cookie Situation – Background & Impact” delivered by Daniel Knapp
00:17:43 – “Advancing Web Privacy” – delivered by Google’s Sharon Marshall

01:14:30 – Session 2: “Programmatic Transparency: Where Are We Now?

Moderator: Clementina Piazza (Integral Ad Science) / Panelists: Gavin Stirrat (OpenX), Ross Webster (Foursquare), Stephen Wing (Rubicon Project), Emily Roberts (BBC), Andrew Buckman (SUBLIME)

02:01:33 – Session 3: “The State of Supply Path Optimisation

Moderator: Daniel Knapp (IAB Europe) / Panelists: Lisa Kalyuzhny (PubMatic), Simon Baker (Bloomberg), Tom Fryett (Omnicom Media Group), Shane Shevlin (IPONWEB), Krzysztof Lis (Yieldlab)

02:51:21 – Session 4: “In-Housing Programmatic Trading – Lessons Learnt and Best Practices

Moderator: Ilona Lubojemska (The Trade Desk) / Panelists: Tushar Kalra (HelloFresh), Carlotta Meneghini (Vodafone), Laerte Saliai (Vodafone), Oliver Gertz (MediaCom), Stefanie Scognamiglio (Xandr)


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