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IAB Europe Attitudes to Programmatic Advertising 2022 Report

Sep 29,2022
Marie-Clare Puffett

In order to understand the status of programmatic adoption across Europe on both the buy-side and sell-side of the digital advertising industry, IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee developed the Attitudes to Programmatic Advertising survey in 2015. Now in its eighth year, the study has become an industry benchmark to show how programmatic advertising attitudes, adoption and strategies are evolving.

The survey attracted respondents who command significant volumes of advertising supply and demand. More than three quarters of the respondents across advertisers, agencies and publishers manage annual advertising budgets of €1m or above.

The survey dives into the following areas:

  • How much programmatic is used for different formats (display, mobile and video)
  • Drivers and barriers to programmatic investment
  • Operational models used for programmatic
  • Measurement and data strategy
  • The future of programmatic investment

Download the report below to discover the following highlights and more:

  • There has been an increase in the use of Programmatic Guaranteed which suggests a more direct relationship between publishers and advertisers, which brings more transparency for advertisers in both price and quality.
  • More than a quarter of advertisers and agencies ranked cost efficiencies as the most important driver for programmatic investment. This is closely followed by granularity of controls and transparency of reporting.
  • Advertisers also cite costs as a barrier to investment; 22% ranked it as the number 1 barrier. Quality of media is also a concern (38% ranked this as the first or second barrier to investment).
  • For agencies, hiring and training staff is a key barrier to programmatic investment.
  • Advertisers are most likely to turn to curated marketplaces as a solution to find new audiences given the impact of data protection regulations and browser cookie controls (53%). Agencies are most likely to look to first-party data (53%).
  • There has been a shift in the type of data that stakeholders are using - the data shows a decrease in first and third-party and an increase in second-party
  • Connected TV is cited as the biggest key programmatic growth area over the next 12 months by all stakeholder groups
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