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Watch it again! Industry Insider with Verve Group: Good Things Come in 3’s, Even for Transparency

This September, IAB Europe has been hosting a series of virtual events to discuss and debate trust and transparency in the digital advertising industry. A lack of transparency and accountability will cause notable friction in any value chain, especially in digital advertising. Our series of events will discuss what’s currently being done and what else needs to be done to ensure a sustainable future.

In this Trust and Transparency Industry Insider, Verve Group took over!

Whether it be adhesive tape or ad-tech, transparency matters. What used to be implied as clear enough for anyone to see, the principles of transparency have become more scrutinized in our sector. In this presentation, Verve Group addresses the obvious, and not-so-obvious, applications of transparency in the places where it is seen–and needed–most. What’s more, the Verve Group team provide discussions through both international and North American lenses so there is an understanding of where transparency is–and where it is needed.


  • Alan Ngai, Director of Product Management, Verve Group
  • Alexei Moltchan, Director of Product Management, Verve Group

Watch now!

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