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Webinar Recording: Guest Webinar With IAB Tech Lab: How Apple IDFA And Other ID Changes Could Impact Our Industry

Nov 12,2020
Helen Mussard

On the 12th November, 2020, IAB Europe hosted a webinar with IAB Tech Lab. 

The webinar was hosted live and this is a recording of the session. Watch here. 

Webinar synopsis: The sunset of third-party cookies and Privacy Sandbox have been dominating discussions since the start of the year, but the conversation around user identity has so far focused on web environments. Apple’s announcement of requiring consumer opt-in to allow use of the IDFA (Identifier for Advertising) has expanded the conversation into the app ecosystem. This implies even broader changes to consumer privacy controls, addressability, and digital advertising infrastructure.

Moderated by Oliver von Wersch, Representing IAB Tech Lab in Europe, a panel of experts discuss what losing the IDFA could mean, what data-driven advertising might look like in the near future, and how SKAdNetwork can support basic attribution for app developers. They also cover other technologies and standards – Data Label, Content Taxonomy, Transparency & Consent Framework, and Project Rearc – that companies can adopt or get involved in today.


  • Short welcome from IAB Europe and IAB Tech Lab
  • IDFA and SKAdnetwork: technical implications and alternative solutions for the industry. What actions can companies take now? With Amit Shetty, IAB Tech Lab
  • An introduction to Apple’s IDFA in a broader perspective with Nicholas Rieul, President, IAB France
  • Panel Discussion: what does losing the IDFA mean for marketers? How is SKAdNetwork evaluated, what are its potentials and limitations? What other technological alternatives for measurement, attribution, 1st party data do we see?


  • Nicholas Rieul, President, IAB France
  • Thomas Mendrina, Senior Director Publisher, Xandr
  • Carlo Szelinsky, CEO Applike Group

Watch here. 

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