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Unlocking the Value of Cookieless: A Brand's Guide to Leveraging Universal IDs

May 09,2023
Amy Mazzola

Preparing for the cookieless future is top of mind for all marketers. But more and more advertisers across the globe are becoming aware of the missed opportunity that cookieless browsers present today. In ID5’s State of Digital Identity 2022 report, it was found that 69% of advertiser respondents want to be able to reach cookieless audiences today, and 87% believe they are missing out on the opportunity of doing so.

In response to increasingly unaddressable environments, universal identifiers (UIDs) have proven themselves as one of the top alternatives to third-party cookies and MAIDs. Universal IDs are alternative identifiers that enable user-level identification across websites and platforms without third-party cookies. They optimise the number of addressable users and enable campaign strategies such as targeting and measurement, benefiting both the buyers and sellers of data-driven digital advertising.

In ID5’s State of Digital Identity 2022 report, first-party universal identifiers took the top spot as the most favoured solution to replace third-party cookies above all other options, with 38% of respondents opting for this alternative.

For advertisers, universal IDs are a valuable asset to consider. These solutions can unlock the ability to increase ROI, reach more users, and deliver campaign objectives across both cookie-based and cookieless environments. Ultimately, they replace the capabilities that cookies have been used for in a privacy-compliant way.

Yet, with over 40 identifiers trying to establish themselves as valid alternatives - understanding the difference between IDs and their effectiveness is key to prioritising what to test and, eventually, adopt.

Learn about the essential criteria for evaluating universal identifiers and the pathways you can take to leverage these solutions via ID5’s new guide: Unlocking the value of cookieless: a brand's guide to leveraging universal IDs.


Click here to download the guide now.

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