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TCF v2.0 In Practice (Part 1) - Webinar for Publishers (Recording)

May 29,2020
Helen Mussard
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IAB Europe, in partnership with IAB Tech Lab, announced on 21 August 2019 the launch of the second iteration of Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0. Over the last year, vendors and CMPs have been working hard to update their tech stacks, to ensure they comply with the new technical specifications, protocols and policy documents by 15th August 2020, the switchover date for TCF v2.0.

TCF v2.0 Real-life CMP Implementations

This webinar is dedicated to publishers looking to successfully switch over to TCF v2.0 in the coming months. TCF v2.0 Validated CMPs Quantcast, Conversant and OneTrust use real-life examples of TCF v2.0 implementations to show publishers how they can bring GDPR compliance in the digital advertising industry to the next level. The webinar is followed by a Q&A to help answer any technical and policy questions publishers may still have about TCF v2.0.

Watch the recording here


  • Filip Sedefov, Legal Director - IAB Europe
  • Patrick Verdon, Technical Director - IAB Europe
  • Heinz Baumann, Head of Product Engineering – Quantcast
  • Shirley Jiang, Senior Product Manager, Privacy – Quantcast
  • David Dabbs, Senior Product Manager – Conversant
  • Alex Cash, Solutions Engineer - OneTrust


  • TCF v2.0 Introduction – Filip Sedefov, IAB Europe
  • TCF v2.0 CMP compliance and enforcement – Patrick Verdon, IAB Europe
  • TCF v2.0 CMP case study and best practices
    • Quantcast
    • Conversant
    • OneTrust
  • Q&A


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