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Webinar Recording: IAB Europe Industry Insider with Magnite – Research Preview – CTV: The Future Forward

On the 1st December 2020, IAB Europe hosted an Industry Insider Webinar with Magnite. 

The webinar was hosted live and you can watch the session recording here.

Synopsis: How have consumers’ media habits changed this year? What does the CTV opportunity in Europe look like? What needs to change? This webinar, hosted by Magnite (formerly Rubicon Project & Telaria), answered all these questions and more.

Featuring a brand new piece of consumer research on CTV and a lively expert panel that discussed both the opportunities and barriers to entry in this exciting new sector, this is an unmissable session that will be sure to inform your 2021 strategy.


  • Steve Wing, Managing Director of EMEA, Magnite
  • Karen Ring, Head of Research & Insights, Magnite
  • Will Jones, Publisher Development OTT/CTV, EMEA, Magnite moderated the panel and was joined by:
    • Lina Angelides, Head of Programmatic, OMD UK
    • Béatrice Leroux Barraux, Molotov
    • Dave Castell, General Manager for Inventory and Partnerships, EMEA, The Trade Desk
    • Chris Edwards – Director of Business Development, OTT/CTV, Rakuten

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