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Webinar Recording: IAB Europe And Integral Ad Science: COVID-19 Impact On Consumer Sentiment And Context

Like most, the advertising industry is continuing to seek guidance on how best to navigate the unchartered waters faced due to COVID-19. As part of a fact based COVID-19 content series, IAB Europe is working with members to provide industry and consumer insights to help stakeholders better understand and navigate 2020 and beyond. In this webinar, Integral Ad Science explored the evolving advertising landscape drawing on some of their latest research, including:

  • The role contextual advertising is playing during COVID-19
  • How data can help to maximise ROI in these challenging times
  • How brands can spend smarter in this difficult climate
  • How consumer perception of data privacy is affecting advertising

Watch the recording here


  • Katie Grovesnor, Head of Sales, Northern Europe, Integral Ad Science
  • Stevan Randjelovic, Director, Brand Safety and Digital Risk EMEA, GroupM
  • Aarani Saul, Digital Media Controller, Sky
  • Clem Birdsall, Publisher & Platform Lead, Integral Ad Science

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