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[Webinar Recording] Discover How AI Can Revolutionise Your Marketing Strategy in Our Industry Insider with Vidmob


In today’s fragmented media landscape, it can be challenging to navigate the diverse platforms and formats required to effectively reach your target audience. However, AI-powered technologies offer a solution by bridging the gap between creative intuition and data-driven decision-making.

During this webinar, Jeremiah Zinger, Senior Partner Manager at VidMob, walked us through the techniques to leverage AI for marketing success. Watch and discover how AI can augment your creative decisions by translating performance ad data into actionable insights that positively impact your bottom line.

Plus it includes an exclusive fireside chat with Anthony Lamy, VP EMEA Client Partnerships at Vidmob, and Andrew Jude Rajanathan, Media & ROI Lead, EMEA at Johnson&Johnson who discuss real-world examples of how companies are harnessing the power of AI to turbocharge their creativity and drive exceptional performance.

Watch and discover:

  • How to systematically unlock the anatomy of an ad thanks to AI technology to inform creative making decisions
  • Why creative analytics is more than just measuring clicks
  • How the impact of signal loss will make it increasingly important to develop ads with creative data

Watch the recording here 

And download the deck below.

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