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Streaming TV’s New Era: How Ads Are Powering Streaming’s Future in the EU5 by Magnite

Magnite’s latest research study, “Streaming TV’s New Era: How Ads Are Powering Streaming’s Future in the EU5” finds that streaming TV, which comprises television content streamed via the internet on any device, is now the most-watched form of TV across the region and delves into how consumer attitudes and viewing habits are reshaping the streaming landscape in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

As streaming offerings expand in line with rising viewership, the study finds the majority of viewers prefer ad-supported options, and 82% watch some form of ad-supported content, with 78% watching internet-delivered content across multiple devices.

Key findings from Magnite’s study include:

  • Ad-supported streaming TV viewers are watching just as many hours of programming as ad-free viewers (16 hours) each week, indicating that ads don’t negatively impact engagement with streaming content.
  • Consumers are reevaluating their streaming subscription stacks due to macro-economic pressures. 48% of streamers indicated they will downgrade or cancel a streaming TV subscription, while 76% said they would use a new free or reduced cost ad-based streaming service this year.
  • Streaming TV’s premium, high-quality content generates greater recall than that of social media platforms, with 62% recalling ads on streaming TV versus only 19% recalling ads on social media.
  • Exposure to brands across multiple devices drives purchasing intent. 75% of ad-supported streamers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that they engaged with across multiple devices compared to 64% of traditional TV viewers.

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