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Privacy Sandbox: Attribution Reporting API & Personalised Ads APIs Deep Dive

In December, IAB Europe, in collaboration with Google, held two technical webinars to get a deeper understanding of how the API proposals of the Privacy Sandbox will work.

The sessions focused on the advertising APIs (Attribution Reporting, Topics and FLEDGE) that are being tested in Chrome as of December 2022.

If you missed these webinars or just want to dive deeper into the Privacy Sandbox, please find a table of resources below for your reference: 

For the resource table on Topics and FLEDGE see here

Privacy Sandbox : Initialisation

Name + URLTypeDescription
Privacy SandboxDocumentHigh-Level Overview
Chrome developerDocumentLibrary
Developer ResourcesTechnical Summary
Chrome origin trials pageTechnical Sign up for the Original Trial token – Privacy Sandbox Relevance and Measurement


Attribution Reporting API

Name + URLTypeDescription
Aggregation Service for Aggregatable Reports

Technical (Github)This repository contains instructions and scripts to set up and test the Aggregation Service for Aggregatable Reports locally and on Amazon Web Services Nitro Enclaves
Attribution Reporting (description)Document and technicalHigh-level overview of connected services for Attribution Reporting, aimed at technical decision makers.
Attribution Reporting (API)Technical (Github)Technical explainer
Attribution Reporting (Community)Technical (Mailing list)
Attribution Reporting (Demo)Demo pageLive demo page of the Attribution Reporting API created by Maud Nalpas
Noise Lab tool (User guide)ToolTool to onboard and experiment with summary reports and noise in Privacy Sandbox Measurement APIs
Attribution Reporting API: live demo 12/9/2021 (video)Presentation



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