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IAB Europe’s Updated Guide to the Programmatic CTV Opportunity in Europe

The European Connected TV (CTV) market has skyrocketed in recent years. Where the worlds of TV and digital have been gradually merging over time, more and more consumers have been tuning out of traditional Linear TV options and moving into online streaming, paving the way for the CTV phenomenon. In Europe, CTV presents a huge opportunity for advertisers to reach engaged audiences with the right message. But for the CTV market to reach its full potential in Europe scale is key, and for that to happen programmatic CTV needs to be adopted.

IAB Europe’s ‘Guide to the Programmatic CTV Opportunity in Europe’ was originally written by experts from the Programmatic Trading Committee to help planners and buyers of media understand and navigate how CTV can operate programmatically.

Since the CTV landscape in Europe continues to evolve, the Committee has provided updates to the Guide to ensure it continues to provide clarity to the often confusing advanced TV market and align all industry players on clear and concise pan-European definitions. It provides a European-level overview of the CTV programmatic supply chain and the CTV options available to advertisers and addresses the challenges that planners currently face to make the most of the opportunities and demand in this space. It also offers some key considerations and best practices to ensure programmatic CTV is being optimised and used effectively.

Thank you to the following contributors who helped us to update this useful guide:

  • Jurjen de Wal, VP, Global Integrations & Compliance, Adform
  • Emmanuel Josserand, Sr. Director Brand Agency & Industry Relations, Freewheel
  • Sara Di Pietrantonio, Product Marketing Manager, Integral Ad Science (IAS)
  • Sam Wilson, MD CTV, EMEA, Magnite
  • Paul Gubbins, VP CTV Strategy, Publica
  • Sarah Lewis, Global Director, ShowHeroes
  • Ekaterina Vagner, Sr. Reginal Marketing Manager, EMEA, Verve Group
  • Shailley Singh, EVP Product & COO, IAB Tech Lab

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