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IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark 2020 Study Highlights

On 25th May, at IAB Europe’s flagship event Interact, Daniel Knapp, Chief Economist at IAB Europe presented the AdEx Benchmark 2020 study highlights.

The study revealed that digital advertising grew digital advertising grew 6.3% in 2020 to €69bn. The positive growth figure comes after a challenging year with the impact of COVID-19. Typically, advertising markets react strongly to an economic downturn, but this time digital advertising bucked the historic trend. 

Now in its fifteenth year, The AdEx Benchmark study is the definitive guide to advertising expenditure in Europe, covering 28 markets. In 2020, a total of 7 markets experienced double-digit year-on-year growth. Turkey was the most dynamic market posting growth of 34.8% and now entering the top 10 European markets in terms of advertising spend. In 2020, only three markets experienced advertising spend decline.

Read the full press release here

Access the study highlights presentation here: IABEurope_AdexBenchmark_2020_2021

The full AdEx Benchmark 2020 Report which will provide full commentary and data across all 28 markets will be published in June 2021.

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