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Bruketa&Zinc&Grey – AI Anxiety Meter – Webinar Recording

Watch the second webinar in this exclusive MIXX Awards Europe 2022 Winners series here.

This webinar dives deeper into the innovative Digital Out of Home winning campaign – AI Anxiety Meter. Over the past 3 years, Croats have experienced a lot of stress. The country was struck by earthquakes and ranked 8th in the world in Covid-19 death rates per capita. Furthermore, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine opened old wounds from the recent wartime atrocities in Croatia. All of the above have led to an alarming rise in mental health disruptions. That is why Croatia Insurance, Bruketa&Zinic&Grey and Go2Digital designed an AI Anxiety Meter – a digital city light to measure the anxiety levels of passers-by. The campaign aimed to expose the hazards of long-term emotional stress and the consequences of neglecting mental health at multiple locations in the country.

The AI Anxiety Meter uses Google face mesh and automatic facial emotion recognition (FER) technology, along with other algorithms for facial expression analysis, to identify a combination of 8 emotions classified as anxiousness. The most stressed respondents were referred to a free preventive health check-up.

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