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The Programmatic Advertising Spend Report 2019

Oct 01,2020
Helen Mussard

The Programmatic Advertising Spend Report 2019 is an extension of the IAB Europe Adex Benchmark Study 2019 (released in June 2020). The AdEx Benchmark report is the definitive guide to advertising expenditure in Europe covering 28 markets. The report consolidates and harmonises local ad spend data from national IABs to provide a true, like-for-like comparison of European digital ad markets.

The Programmatic ad spend data presented in this report is collected from IABs, adjusted through company reports, industry interviews, DSP & SSP reports.  Definitions of programmatic vary between countries and market participants: social included here to find common denominator with all countries. Unless stated otherwise, social is included in the figures presented here. Figures in this study are reported in gross (before publishers’ SSP fee).

The latest research from the Programmatic Advertising Spend Research reveals that programmatic revenue grew by 88% in 2019, topping €23bn, with 77% of display and more than 50% of video now traded via programmatic methods.

Commenting on the double-digit growth seen in the 2019 report, Daniel Knapp, Chief Economist at IAB Europe said “Programmatic is on the path to become the default infrastructure for digital advertising. Our newly consolidated 2019 figures across European markets showed continued double-digit growth in programmatic despite increased market maturity. This growth is visible in all markets - from established programmatic pioneer markets like the UK and France to CEE markets which benefit from a second mover advantage to ramp up programmatic spend particularly quickly. This growth is underpinned by continuing efforts to streamline the programmatic supply chain and the expansion of programmatic into premium environments such as video.”

View and download the report here- Programmatic Market Advertising Spend 2019 Report




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