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IAB Europe Guide to the Post Third-Party Cookie Era

May 06,2020
Marie-Clare Puffett

This Guide has been developed by experts from IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee (PTC) to prepare brands, agencies, publishers and tech intermediaries for the much-anticipated post third-party cookie advertising ecosystem.

It provides background to the current use of cookies in digital advertising today and an overview of the alternative solutions being developed. As solutions evolve, the PTC will be updating this Guide on a regular basis to provide the latest information and guidance on market alternatives to third-party cookies.

The Guide, available below as an e-book or PDF, helps to answer to the following questions:

  • What factors have contributed to the depletion of the third-party cookie?
  • How will the depletion of third-party cookies impact stakeholders and the wider industry including proprietary platforms?
  • How will the absence of third-party cookies affect the execution of digital advertising campaigns?
  • What solutions currently exist to replace the usage of third-party cookies?
  • What industry solutions are currently being developed and by whom?
  • How can I get involved in contributing to the different solutions?

Thank you to the following people who contributed to the Guide:

  • Alex Berger, Senior Marketing Director, Buy-Side Products, Adform
  • Emily Roberts, Programmatic Trading Manager EMEA, BBC Global News
  • Ben Hancock, Global Head of Programmatic Trading, CNN International
  • Ian Maxwell, Converge Digital representing IAB Ireland
  • David Goddard, Chair, IAB Europe Programmatic Trading Committee and Senior Director, Business Development, DoubleVerify
  • Ross Webster, Managing Director, Europe, Foursquare
  • Jordan Mitchell, SVP, Head of Consumer Privacy, Identity and Data, IAB Tech Lab
  • Sara Vincent, Senior Director, Strategic Partner Development, Index Exchange
  • Kristanne Roberts, Global Development Director, Insights Division, Kantar
  • Miles Pritchard, Managing Director - Data Management Solutions, OMD
  • Gokberk Ertunc, Programmatic Manager, OMD Turkey / IAB Turkey
  • Ben Geach, Senior Director, Global Product Strategy, Oracle Data Cloud
  • Laine Rosa, Product Manager, Outbrain
  • Maria Shcheglakova, Marketing Director EMEA, PubMatic
  • Garrett McGrath, Vice President, Product Management, Rubicon Project
  • Alwin Viereck, Head of Programmatic, Ad Technology & Product, United Internet Media
  • Gabrielle Le Toux , Senior Marketing Manager, Xandr
  • Szymon Pruszyński, Head of Growth, Yieldbird

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