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The Contribution of Advertising to the Turkish Economy Report

Digital Marketing Communications Platform DPIP was established in January 2021 by Turkish Advertisers Association(RVD), Turkish Association of Advertising Agencies (RD), Interactive Advertising Bureau Turkey (IAB) and Mobile Media Research, Marketing and Advertising Association Turkey (MMA). DPIP works to follow the rapid changes in digital marketing communication in line with technological developments, to ensure solution-oriented collaborations for the healthy development of this area and the establishment of a secure internet environment. The primary objectives of the platform are, to create solutions by cooperating with similar organisations abroad on brand security and prevention of fraud in advertising, to support research to fuel the data needs of the industry, and to develop the ecosystem in a sustainable and controlled manner. Besides, the work of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), which was established by the
initiative of the World Federation of Advertisers, WFA, for the development of digital advertising, is closely followed by the Digital Marketing Communications Platform DPIP.

Studies carried out for the measurement and tangible data generation for the advertising industry, which is accepted as the driving force of trade all over the world, are of great importance for the sake of the healthy development of the industry. Despite such a requirement, the absence of any added value research carried out for the “Turkish Advertising Industry with a high growth potential” -as the sector stakeholders have consistently verbalized-, is both our major shortcoming and the most obvious reason why our industry does not have an identity based on tangible data in the public eye.

This research measures the value that advertising adds to the economy, which is one of the fundamental needs of the Advertising Industry. With the economic modeling developed by IPSOS and with the valuable contributions of Sabancı University Faculty Member Dr. Ezgi Akpınar Uysal in detailed reporting, this research has concretely revealed the impact of the advertising industry on the Turkish economy. In addition, its contribution to employment, innovation, exports and trade is also

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