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IAB Spain Presents The 2023 Connected Television Study


IAB Spain has released their 2023 Connected Television Study, the main objectives are to analyse the consumption habits and uses of Connected TV users and to measure the market and its evolution in Spain. This study, led by the IAB Spain Connected TV Commission, is sponsored by Samsung Ads and has been prepared in collaboration with Elogia .

As the report establishes, Connected TV continues to grow and has reached 31 million users in Spain, achieving greater penetration among females  (92%) and among Internet users between 35 and 54 years of age (94%). It also reveals that 6 out of 10 Internet users watch audiovisual content through their Smart TV. Set Top Box, Smartphone and Laptop follow as the most used devices to connect to Connected TV. It is consumed on average just over 2 hours a day (132 minutes) and is mostly done in company and looking for entertainment.

YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are the most used digital platforms among Connected TV users. YouTube, Mitele and Pluto are positioned as the platforms where the most advertising is consumed. The main drivers for seeing more advertising on Connected Television are: enjoying a lower monthly subscription price, advertising not interrupting important broadcast moments and obtaining free services or physical gifts.

Download the Report Here

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