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IAB Europe’s Guide to Native Advertising

In December 2021 IAB Europe released its ‘Guide to Native Advertising’ to shed more light on one of marketers’ most used forms of advertising.

IAB Europe first published a white paper on Native Advertising in 2016 when it was still a nascent and evolving area of digital advertising. Since then, Native has continued to grow in importance as consumers found themselves bombarded with intrusive advertising, which led to ad blocking, banner blindness, and ad fatigue.

This Guide has been written by three experts of IAB Europe’s Channels and Formats Taskforce, which is part of the Brand Advertising Committee, to provide up-to-date information on Native Advertising formats, placements, and best practices so that buyers can ensure effective campaign delivery. The Guide also explores how Native will be key to growth in other digital channels such as eCommerce, CTV, and DOOH. Alongside this, there are a number of case studies to show real-life examples of Native in action. 

Read the press release here.

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