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IAB Europe and PubMatic Report: The State of Online Video Advertising in Europe

The European digital video market is seeing rapid growth. In Europe, it now commands nearly 40% of all display spend and is the fastest-growing segment within social. Innovations in this space, such as advances in video quality, mean that this growth will likely continue at speed.

However, the market is highly fragmented by factors including media consumption habits, regulation, and media trading cultures. There is also a lack of research into formats and the factors affecting buying decisions in the online programmatic video space.

Additionally, and as with other forms of digital advertising, identifying and measuring audiences across screens and touchpoints is becoming more of a challenge as platforms and services proliferate and the depreciation of cookies takes its toll. Any solution to this challenge will need to win the trust of consumers if it is to be fit for purpose.

Given the complexity of the digital video market, in December 2021 IAB Europe and PubMatic invited advertisers and agencies to take part in an industry survey. In doing so, we hope to further the understanding of online video formats and the factors influencing buying behaviours across Europe.

The survey attracted respondents who command significant volumes of advertising supply and demand.

Below is an infographic summarising the key findings. Download the full report at the bottom of the page.


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