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ConnectedTV Reigns Supreme in the Attention Economy – IAB Europe Industry Insider with ShowHeroes Webinar Recording

Catch up on our latest Industry Insider with ShowHeroes Group! Watch ConnectedTV Reigns Supreme in the Attention Economy here!

ConnectedTV (CTV) is increasingly becoming an integral part of how users across Europe consume television content. As CTV as an advertising channel evolves, it’s becoming vital to understand the CTV experience and how user behaviour manifests in front of this relatively new platform.

Attention is also becoming a key metric through which to assess the impact of advertising campaigns, which is why we also wanted to fully understand user attention and engagement in CTV, and how this compares to viewing on both linear TV and other platforms such as social.

Why do viewers choose CTV? How engaged and attentive are they to the content on CTV? and how will their usage change as subscription fatigue builds? These are some of the questions that ShowHeroes is looking to answer.

ShowHeroes Group and a panel of experts from GroupM and Samsung Ads joined IAB Europe in a fascinating webinar to discover the answers to these questions and learn more about the attention and behaviours around CTV.

The ShowHeroes Group research study – Why  CTV Reigns Supreme In The Attention Economy – can be downloaded here, all you need to do is register.

Watch the webinar recording here.

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