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Webinar Recording – IAB Europe Industry Insider with IAS – The At-Home Audience: What the Future Holds for CTV

On 16th February 2021, IAB Europe hosted an Industry Insider Webinar with Integral Ad Science (IAS).

The webinar was hosted live and you can watch the session recording here

It’s no secret that Connected-TV (CTV) adoption has skyrocketed in recent years. Consumers are drawn in by its ability to watch their favourite content on devices and subscribe to streaming services that meet their preferences and budget. But what are the most preferred devices and platforms? And what are consumers’ preferences when it comes to paying for subscription services?

This Industry Insider webinar with IAS answers these questions and more. It uncovers the results of IAS’s report Streaming Wars UK: How CTV is shaping the future of content consumption and delves into what’s next for CTV.

Watch the session recording here


Glenn Perera, Director of Product Strategy, IAS






Diana Romero, Digital Standards and Partnerships Manager, PMX Global

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