IAB Europe Upcoming Virtual Events

With members from across Europe and beyond, IAB Europe is known for producing some of the best virtual events within the industry. Alongside our established Virtual Programmatic Day, we have added two new virtual events for the rest of 2020; The Virtual CTV Event and The Digital Audio Day. 

The Virtual CTV Event – 6th October, 12.00-14.30 CET

The Virtual CTV Event is a new event planned for October 2020. Following the release of IAB Europe’s Buyer’s Guide to CTV, this virtual event will be a series of panel discussions and market deep dives to explore this emerging and exciting digital advertising channel. With such a fragmented CTV landscape across Europe, this is a must-attend event to truly understand the opportunities and challenges of the ecosystem.

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The Digital Audio Day – 22nd October, 12.00-14.30 CET

The Digital Audio Day will bring together the shapers, creators and noise makers of digital audio advertising! Through a series of panel discussions and keynote speeches, you will be able to learn about this new digital channel which is captivating both consumers and brands. The event will be live streamed to encourage audience participation through polls and Q&A sessions.

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The Virtual Programmatic Day (VPD) – 19th November, 12.00-14.30 CET

The VPD brings together industry experts and thought-leaders to explore the latest trends, drivers and barriers impacting programmatic trading in Europe. This is a live event with panel discussions and audience Q&As for a fully interactive and engaging experience. With over 1500 people attending the H1 event, make sure you are a part of 2020’s biggest virtual programmatic event!

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