IAB Europe Upcoming Virtual Events – June

With members from across Europe and beyond, IAB Europe is known for producing some of the best virtual events within the industry. From our Virtual Programmatic Day to the COVID-19 special Economic Trends Forum, we have a great line up of events in May and June. All events can be joined virtually so you can stay safe, connected and informed.

3rd June – Interact Online – Join us Virtually
This free-to-attend virtual conference will allow the digital advertising and marketing industry to interact online! It’s never been more important to come together to help support, build and sustain our innovative industry. Expert speakers include senior executives from Coca-Cola, Zalando, Google, ProSieben, RTL, Group M and OMD.  The virtual event will kick off with IAB Europe’s Chief Economist Daniel Knapp presenting the AdEx Benchmark study – the definitive guide to advertising expenditure in Europe, covering 28 markets. Within the two hour event, Interact Online will then feature a series of panel discussions and keynote speeches to discuss the accelerated change we are witnessing in our ecosystem impacting investment, roles and responsibilities across our value chain. The impact of COVID-19 on our industry will also be addressed. Register here 

9th June – Transitioning to a Post Third-Party Cookie Era Webinar
2020 kicked off with one of the most fundamental technology advances our industry has seen in many years, the announcement that third-party cookies were to be depleted. There is a lot of debate around how the ‘post-cookie era’ will affect future business models in the digital advertising industry and what alternative solutions are being developed. Fortunately, IAB Europe has published a Guide to provide an overview of the factors that have contributed to this evolution, how the absence of third-party cookies will affect the execution of digital advertising campaigns and an overview of the alternative solutions being developed. Join this webinar to find out more about the Guide plus hear from experts on the evolution of digital advertising in a post third-party cookie era. Register here.

16th June – The Great Digital Debate: Daniel Knapp & Tom Kershaw
Looking past COVID-19, Daniel Knapp, Chief Economist at IAB Europe and Tom Kershaw, Chief Technology Officer at The Rubicon Project will each present their hypothesis on how they see the digital advertising market evolving over the next 5 years. They will then discuss and debate these hypotheses, particularly in relation to market consolidation, user habits and how advertising needs to adapt, openness and interoperability of technologies and businesses, and the role programmatic will play in all of this. Register here.

30th June – IAB Europe And Integral Ad Science Webinar: COVID-19 Impact On Consumer Sentiment And Context

Like most, the advertising industry is continuing to seek guidance on how best to navigate the unchartered waters faced due to COVID-19. As part of a fact based COVID-19 content series, IAB Europe is working with members to provide industry and consumer insights to help stakeholders better understand and navigate 2020 and beyond. In this webinar, Integral Ad Science will explore the evolving advertising landscape drawing on some of their latest research, including:

  • The role contextual advertising is playing during COVID-19
  • How data can help to maximise ROI in these challenging times
  • How brands can spend smarter in this difficult climate
  • How consumer perception of data privacy is affecting advertising

Register here



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